Welcome to J Bar L Farm

During times of uncertainty when the price of everything is rising at an alarming rate, it's good to have local sources of high quality meats to provide to your family. We pour our hearts into our farm animals raised to provide just that.

J Bar L Farm is a family owned business in the beautiful piney woods and rolling hills of East Texas. We like to call it God's country. As health care professionals by trade, we saw a need for healthy food raised locally. We wanted meat that hadn't been shot up with antibiotics or steroids from cows that hadn't been sitting around in feed lots being fattened up on unhealthy feed.


At J Bar L, we offer grass fed, grass finished beef, pasture raised chicken meat and farm fresh eggs as listed on our Products page.

We invite anyone who is interested in seeing how our animals are cared for to contact us and come check out the farm. Our cabin at Lake Buddy, located under the tall pines at J Bar L, is available through Airbnb for overnight stays.

In addition to meat sales, we periodically have F1 Tiger Stripes, F1 Black Baldies and Hereford cattle for sale. Check our cattle for sale page for current listings.

J Bar L Farm
J Bar L Farm
241 CR 1408
Jacksonville, TX 75766

Phone: 903-360-1032
Email: lmcutshaw@msn.com

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